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Steps To Take With Your Data

Ready to move your applications and data to the cloud or another host? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how our Azure / AWS experts can help you migrate seamlessly to the cloud, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime.




Identify the scope of the migration and create a detailed plan that outlines the timeline, resources, and tasks involved.

Pre-migration preparation:

This involves activities such as backing up your data, preparing your website for migration, and configuring the new environment.

Data migration:

This is the actual transfer of data from the old environment to the new one. This step involves careful attention to detail to ensure that all data is transferred accurately and securely.


Once the migration is complete, it’s essential to test your website thoroughly to ensure that it’s functioning correctly and that all data has been migrated successfully.

Post-migration support:

Finally, it’s essential to provide post-migration support to ensure that any issues or concerns that arise after the migration are addressed promptly and effectively. This includes ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and optimization of your new environment.


Preventing Data Loss

To prevent data loss during a migration, it’s important to backup your data, validate the source data, use secure channels, monitor the migration, test the target environment, and have a rollback plan in place.

Adminjas can help prevent data loss during a migration by providing expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. We will ensure that your data is backed up properly and securely transferred to the target environment using encrypted channels and secure file transfer protocols. We will also monitor the migration process to identify and address any issues promptly. Once the migration is complete, they will thoroughly test the target environment to ensure that all data has been successfully migrated and that the environment is functioning as expected. With Adminjas, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure throughout the migration process.


What People Are Saying

Our experience migrating data to Azure with Adminjas was exceptional. Their team provided expert guidance and support throughout the entire migration process, from planning to execution. They ensured that all data was transferred securely and efficiently to the new environment, minimizing any disruption to our business. With Adminjas, we were able to take full advantage of the benefits of Azure, including its powerful analytics and cloud-based services. We highly recommend Adminjas to anyone looking to migrate their data to Azure.”

Fred Rojas

Adminjas exceeded our expectations during our data migration to AWS. Their team was extremely knowledgeable and provided excellent guidance and support throughout the entire migration process. They worked closely with us to ensure that our data was migrated efficiently and securely, and that our new environment was optimized for performance and cost-effectiveness. We were particularly impressed with their post-migration support, which included ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure that our new environment was always performing at its best.

Ada Leonard

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